Saturday, May 3, 2014

A beautiful day for crocheting and painting.

  It's a beautiful Saturday here in Lago.  Just gotta Love those not to hot/not to cool days in Texas, cuz they are a rarity. As the saying goes, "If you don't like the weather now, wait 5 mins and it will change". Lol.
  Anyway,  I was lucky enough to be chosen to test a very kool wearable pattern a few days ago, and even though it was a little rough starting out, I have finally gotten the hang of it so far. I haven't reached the more difficult part of the pattern yet so I'll see how it goes, But as soon as I can I will share pics.
 That's not all I have going this weekend and I am so excited. I have been some what impatiently waiting to be able to work on my craft room. Getting it painted, new carpet then organizing my yarn stash, But of course it takes time and $$. Painting needed to be done before carpet so painting it is. My first goal was trying to decide what color  I wanted to paint  the walls. My fav is Purple but I so am going to do my bedroom in that eventually. So then I thought I should pick colors that bring out creativeness. Hmmmm. 
 With so many colors that bring out a person's crafty side, I had a hard time liking any certain color or colors that I could imagine looking at every day. So sharing my dilemma with a friend one day she reminded me that I didn't have to choose just 1 or 2 colors. That I have always been proud of who I am so why not do the colors that mean so much to me. She was right. So I made up my mind then and there.
 Yes this is what I wanted.

 Well last night I took a flag that hangs over my window to Home Depot paint dept and said I want these colors. 20 mins later I was walking out the door with 7 quarts of paint, 2 mini rollers and 2 paint pans. Was a little more costly than what I thought it would be, but looking at a beautiful rainbow every day will be so amazing and creative and worth it. Don't ya think?