Friday, September 5, 2014


Wow the last few months have flown by faster than I can catch up. Being a new Grandma to an amazing Grandson Kannon for 6 weeks 

while helping my Son and his Gf in the months before his birth, watching 4 month old teething Lexi for the past 3 months, running my GF's elderly Parents back and forth to the Doctors, working on my craft room, testing crochet patterns and taking care of Spoiled well loved non Human Babies(Abia/Shih Tzu, Bobby-Momo-Spike/Cockatiels) and the household's chores on a daily basis has kept me going at Hyper speed. Autopilot has served me well because  I think I have even passed myself coming and going more than once.

Sadly I only crocheted 1 baby blanket for Kannon and I waited till the last minute to work on it, yes I know bad Grandma, but I did finish it right before he was born and it turned out a little lopsided but hopefully it will become his "won't do without BLANKIE".
  I just recently was lucky enough to test another crochet pattern(that I was so DIEING to do), by the Awesome designer Spider Mambo, called a "Baby Bone Head Creepy Skull Hoodie". I love her Patterns. You can find them here
I didn't crochet it exactly as the pattern stated, because I was so excited and screwed up some where, but I love how it turned out. I haven't taken pics of it yet but I will the next time I go see Grandma's Lil Man.
 Here is a pic of the Adult Sm-L size version I tested awhile back.
Here is the 3x Spider Circle Vest I tested for her a few weeks ago,

 Ignore the lazy day(Ugh) model. It was in desperation I had to model it myself.
She has Kool Patterns Check them out.
Even though I am still waiting on a bookshelf, to of course put my books in, here is 1 pic  my 90% done craft room. Isn't it Purty?
 I have another pattern to test, but I think I am going to change it up and do a project in between that is a combination of my 2 fav crafts. Will share next time.
See Ya.

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