Sunday, March 2, 2014

Back to the drawing Board

Awhile back I started having problems with Google Chrome, something about my profile was corrupted, so after unsuccessfully trying find a solution I thought I had to delete my google account and start over. Sadly after I deleted and made another account it still didn't fix the problem. I have been unable get chrome to work after reinstalling, so I am afraid the problem might be my computer. I REALLY, REALLY, hate the thought that I might have to reformat my computer, so I am delaying and suffering with Firefox. So I appreciate your patience.

Now on to something more cheery. I have stepped back from jewelry making for alittle while now and have been on a crochet kick. Decided it was time to start using some of my yarn stash.Went thru a cowl stage, then fingerless mitts, hotpads and a few squares.

Even though I have always thought crochet baby things were cute, I really didn't have a desire to make any until 3 months back and I suddenly saw a pair of booties I wanted to  do. I picked out some yellow and pink yarn and went to work on them. After some trial and crocheter error I made 2 pair and I was so proud that they turned out descent.
My intuition must have kicked in cuz 2 weeks later my son called to tell me I was going to be a Grandma, that his gf of 3 yrs was pregnant. Crazy huh? We just found out earlier this month that it's 99% a boy. My son is so proud that he will have a son to carry on our family name and I am so excited to actually have a grandbaby.
So I am gathering baby patterns getting ready to crochet my fingers to the bone, Lol.

  Then  I joined several crochet groups on Fb and it's been a non stop crochet fest and pattern hoard.

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